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DNC: Thursday

Here are some pictures from the last day of the DNC.

The day started slow. My first assignment was to take pictures of the crews dismantling the set the Democrats used at the Pepsi Center, home of the Nuggets and Avalanche. The entire show moved to Invesco Field (formally Mile High Stadium) for Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.

DNC: Wednesday

Wednesday started slow, but like every day during the DNC, it didn’t stay that way. At 7:45 I met up with Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster during the breakfast for the California Delegation. After that I photographed Madeline Albright at the 2008 Rocky Mountain Roudtable. Then it was on to the protester of the day, a women who helps organize Code Pink. Next up was the RFK fundraiser with Ethel Kennedy and a bunch of other Kennedys.

When I was done shooting the Kennedys I headed to Invesico Field (formerly Mile High Stadium). Someone heard a rumor that Barack Obama would be checking out the stage for his big night. I and other photographers waited for him to show. After a few hours the other shooters left and I waited, and waited, and waited – by myself. Technicians were roaming the stadium checking lights, running cable and setting chairs. Five hours later he made his appearance. I finished working around 11 pm. Another long day in Denver – but worth it.

DNC: Danny Glover


Valerie Jackson, the widow of Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, shares a moment with Danny Glover in the VIP room before the start of the Civil Rights Sensational Live Concert at the Buell Theater in Denver, Colo.,

Donkeys in Denver

I’m heading to Denver for a week to cover the Democratic National Convention.

The company that owns the Press-Telegram, this blog, and me, (MediaNewsGroup) also owns the Denver Post. In fact, its the company’s flagship paper and Denver is the company’s headquarters so they are going all out to cover the DNC. I will be in Denver to help with coverage for our entire company – 54 daily newspapers in 11 states, a CBS affiliate in Anchorage, AK and radio stations in Texas.

I’m not sure where my work will be published, posted or broadcasted but I’ll be updating this blog through out the week.

Stella and Alice


MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. PARK – Stella Davis, left, and Alice Robinson celebrate their fifth anniversary of feeding people at Martin Luther King, jr. Park in Long Beach, Calif. on August 20, 2008. The pair have been preparing free hot meals once a month at King Park for the homeless, the needy and anyone who wants to eat. The two women, who are both on fixed incomes, pay for the food and cook the meals with no assistance from the city. See more pictures>>

THEN AND NOW: View from the Villa Riviera


TOP: Visitors at the Villa Riviera Hotel in 1930s Long Beach were treated to this view of Ocean Blvd. looking west toward San Pedro. Train tracks can be seen on the south side of the street before they turn on Lime Ave and steps head down toward the water where the International Tower now stands. Shoreline Drive, which today would be in the lower left, had not been built yet. The lone tall building on the ocean side of the street is the Breakers. Built as a hotel built in 1926, it is now a senior living community. On the far left you can see the Pike roller coaster and the ocean before it was filled in to make room for the convention center, performing arts center, hotel and other buildings.
BOTTOM:The is the view residents of the Villa Riviera Condominiums enjoy looking west down Ocean Blvd. on August 19, 2008. On the left is the International Tower condominiums. The Breakers can still be seen on the left and In the distance is the World Trade Center, center. A parking lot and the Long Beach Arena now sit where the waves once crashed on the shore of the International City.

McCain and Obama in Long Beach


U.S. Presidential hopefuls John Sidney McCain and Barack Hussein Obama were both in Long Beach, not for an event or to visit the International City, but instead to use the city as their parking lot. Both candidates parked their Boeing aircraft on the tarmac at Long Beach airport before driving almost 40 miles to attend a faith forum at Orange County’s Saddleback Church.

Plane Pull


LONG BEACH AIRPORT – FedEx team leader Al Johnson helps pull a Boeing 727 on the tarmac at Long Beach airport August 16, 2008. The 2nd Annual Plane Pull, pits teams of 20 people against each other as they pull a 153-foot, 158,000-pound FedEx plane 25 feet. The event benefits Special Olympics Southern California. See more photos/buy reprints>>