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C-17 manager Jean Chamberlain talks to Rotary Club


QUEEN MARY — C-17 manager Jean Chamberlain speaks to the Rotary Club Wednesday, September 30, 2009, aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif. She talked about the Senate debate on funding of the C-17 program, which supports some 5,000 workers at the plant in Long Beach and another 25,000 at supplier companies across the globe.

Water main breaks in East Long Beach


A hole in the street where a water main broke at the corner of Stevely Ave. and Bacarro St, in Long Beach, Calif. on September 30, 2009. he pipe broke at 3:55 in the morning flooding the street. No property was damaged. According to Matt Vehh, acting director of Govt. Affairs at the Water Department, Twenty-one homes are currently without water service, but it should be restored later today.

The pipe was 8 inch cast iron and installed in 1954.

Veeh said, “The water department has a very aggressive cast iron pipe replacement program.” They have replaced 2400 linear feet of cast iron pipe his year. Also, they have had a record low number of water main breaks this year – only 26. Their year for keeping track of breaks ends today. Last year there were 29 breaks.

PHOTOS: Cambodian Complete [Census] Count


Ron Sok puts pins a map showing where certian demographics are in a ‘hard to count’ area during the Cambodian Complete Count committee’s regular meeting in Long Beach, Calif. on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. The committee’s is trying to come up with a slogan, among other things. Poverty numbers were revealed showing Long Beach has a poverty rate of 21.3 percent among Asian residents. See more pictures>>

THEN AND NOW: Birney Elementary School


TOP: Original caption published in the Press-Telegram on June 24, 1951.
READY FOR FALL – Construction of Alice M. Birney School, Maine Ave. and Spring St., is expected to be completed in time for student occupancy when the fall term starts. Six other schools are under construction while working plans are being prepared for two more. The new schools will house 5000 students.

Alice M. Birney Elementary School at Spring Street and Maine Ave in Long Beach, Calif. on August 6, 2009. The school’s namesake started as organization called the National Congress of Mothers. The first meeting was held in Washington D.C. in 1897. Over two thousand mothers from all over the country attended the three-day meeting. Birney was the first president of her organization. In 1925, the National Congress of Mothers became the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. The local units of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers are called Parent-Teachers Associations or PTA’s.

SCHEIMPFLUG: I-405 and the Holiday Inn tower.


Here is the San Diego Freeway looking south near the Long Beach Airport. The Scheimpflug principle is a geometric rule that describes the orientation of the plane of focus of an optical system when the lens plane is not parallel to the image plane. Another name for this is ‘Tilt-shift photography’. Using the Scheimpflug principle can give common scenes a very unique perspective – the image often looks fake or like a model. But rest assured, its all real.

PHOTOS: Los Alamitos beats Lakewood at Gahr Volleyball Tournament


Not only is Ashley Standish the captain of her team, but she is clearly one of the most enthusiastic players on the Los Alamitos squad. After almost every point she cheered, pumped her fists or jumped in the air. She, and the rest of her team had good reason to celebrate – they were down 2 gams to 0 in the championship of the Gahr Tournament and came back to win 3-2 in Cerritos, Calif. on Wednesday, September 16, 2009. See more pictures>>

PHOTOS: Latin American Parade


The inaugural Latin American Parade headed south on Pine Avenue today, but for me, the focus was where the parade started – the former home of the Press-Telegram. The building, at the corner of Sixth and Pine, was a real newspaper building. It was dirty, there were presses and the only toilet in the newsroom was for men. The PT’s parent company sold it, and almost the entire block, in 2006. The plan was to turn the unofficially historic building in to lofts. That plan stalled, but not before workers had time to destroy the interior of the building. If you want to see pictures of the parade, click here>>