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PHOTOS: Counting the Homeless


LONG BEACH, CALIF. USA — Volunteers Elissa Finch, left, and Gina Faruzzi, right, talk with Luwana Wall in Lincoln Park asks during the homeless count in Long Beach, Calif. on July 28, 2011. The pair interviewed Wall the day before.

A grass-roots group of advocates for the homeless are completing a three-day survey of downtown homeless. This is the second biennial survey by the group Long Beach Connections. In the two years since the July 2009 survey, 76 of the 345 homeless interviewed in the survey were given permanent housing with support services. The survey consists of a questionnaire that measures the vulnerability of those interviewed to suffer from severe privation and death on the streets. See more pictures>>

VIDEO: Quality of Life Officer

Long Beach police officer Joe Seminara is working with the city’s sizable homeless population, helping people on the streets find shelter, get sober and navigate all the small things most of take for granted.

THEN AND NOW: Johnies/Bob's Broiler, 2008 & 2011


TOP: Johnies Broiler in Downey , Calif. on March 7, 2008. Johnie’s was a restaurant from 1958 until 2001. From 2002-2006 it was a used car dealership. On Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007 Ardas Yanik began an illegal demolition of Johnie’s Broiler. No demolition permits had been issued for the property. Bulldozers began their work around 3 p.m. Yanik pleaded no contest to three misdemeanor charges stemming from the demolition and had his lease forfeited.
Bottom: The renovated Johnies Broiler, now Bob’s Big Boy Broiler, in Downey , Calif. on July 17, 2011.
Photos by Jeff Gritchen/Long Beach Press-Telegram

PHOTOS: Arctic Fox Kits at the Aquarium of the Pacific


LONG BEACH, CALIF. USA — Two make Arctic Fox cubs play in the Molina Animal Care Center at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Calif. on July 15, 2011. Arctic fox babies are called either pups or kits. The two brothers are part of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s new Arctic & Antarctic: Our Polar Regions in Peril exhibition.

The Arctic fox is an incredibly resilient animal that can live in temperatures as low as -59 F and as warm as temperatures in Southern California. They are found in the Arctic and alpine tundra regions, from coastal Alaska and Greenland to Scandinavia and Russia.
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PHOTOS: Pete Davis Legends Basketball Camp


LONG BEACH, CALIF. USA — Former NBA player Mike Davis works with youngsters on the first day of the Pete Davis Legends Basketbal Camp at the Alpert JCC in Long Beach, Calif. on July 11, 2011. This week features Marques Kevin Johnson.

Johnson graduated from Crenshaw High School then played for UCLA. He became a star player under the guidance of legendary coach John Wooden. Johnson was awarded the first John Wooden player of the year award.

The Pete Davis Legends Basketball Camp is a four-day program for youngsters ages 6 to 14. The next session starts July 18 and features Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s father and former Philadelphia Seventy-Sixer.

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VIDEO: Paddleboarder Anthony Vela

Paddle boarder Anthony Vela in Hermosa Beach, Calif. on July 7, 2011. Vela is competing in Saturday’s U.S. Championships in Redondo Beach. He is one of the top contenders to dethrone two-time defending champion Ryan Anderson.

BLOG NEWS: Long Beach Seen Seeing More!

Changes at the Press-Telegram now have me covering the entire South Bay as well as Long Beach.

Starting today I’ll include pictures and video from my new coverage area as well as pictures of the Greater Long Beach area.

Thanks for checking out the blog

— Jeff

PHOTOS: Keeping Cool in the Heat in Lakewood


LAKEWOOD, CALIF. USA — Emily Santos keeps cool in a wading pool ay Palms Park in Lakewood, Calif., on July 6, 2011. According to, the high in Lakewood was 84 degrees.

There are seven wading pools in Lakewood parks. All are free and open from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., from June 20 to September 5, 2011. Mayfair park is open daily. Del Valle, Palms and San Martin Parks are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Bloomfield and Boyar parks are open Tuesday and Thursday. All the wading pools are open Saturday and Sunday.

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