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Across California DMV offices are bracing for an influx of new drivers who qualify under a new law that will allow illegal aliens to apply for a driver’s license after Jan. 1. The state is expecting 1.4 million requests over the next three years.

PHOTOS: Flyers in Trabuco

bout a mile down a dirt road in the hills of Trabuco sits one of Orange County’s smallest airports. You can’t catch a flight or even get inside these aircraft. But if you’re there on the right day, you can see some great flying.

The airfield, complete with a 465-foot asphalt runway and two taxiways, is home to the Trabuco Flyers RC Club, a group of radio-control enthusiasts who gather most weekends to fill the sky with miniature planes.

“It’s as much of a country club or a social club as it is a flying club,” said Eric Nelson, the group’s president. He’s been flying for 14 years and admits his first plane, which he got from his son-in-law, was “so far out of my league I had to wait a year and a half before I started flying it.”

Spectators are welcome to come on Saturdays and Sundays to watch the impromptu air show, Nelson said. He’s especially proud of the club’s pig roast, one of four annual events that helps raise money to operate the club.

There are about 70 Trabuco Flyers with 24/7 access to the facility, but most fly only on the weekend.

On this Saturday, Doug Ray of San Juan Capistrano was flying his Citabria. He grinned with embarrassment as he admitted that his spending on the hobby topped $20,000 over the past five years. Ray said he started flying after his wife died. He bought a trainer plane, came to the field and learned to fly.

He said his learning curve was “crashing planes, building planes, crashing planes, building planes, crashing … till finally I learned how not to crash as often.” When asked how many planes he owns, Ray responded, “I’ve got a three-car garage and I can’t get a car in it.”

PHOTO: Protest, sort of, at UCI

I cover a lot of protests. Usually it’s just pissed off people marching around for an hour. This one was different – oddly different.

It started with about 20 UCI students gathering to protest tuition increases. A valid argument to be sure, but the methodology was strange.

Once the group grew to about 40 they started to march.

The students walked to the office of Student Life & Leadership, all the while chanting that, “Education is right” and “Education should be free” along with a few anti-White rhymes in-between.

When they got to the office they announced they were staging a sit-in and demanded to speak to the chancellor.

As soon as they sat done a school employee brought them drinks, an odd thing to do when people are occupying your office and refusing to leave.

The group settled in and ordered pizza.

Shortly after, a woman from the chancellors office came to the group and told them the vice chancellor would meet with them in another room – a conference room in the same building. She was greeted with, “But we just ordered pizza” and “That room is too far away”.

After the students made sure their pizza would be redirected to the conference room they headed in that direction.

They waited about 25 minutes, then, when the vice-chancellor wasn’t there at exactly 2:30, the time he said he’d be there, they left. They wrote a message on the board telling the vice chancellor to meet them at the flagpoles.

He didn’t.

PHOTOS: Birders in Bolsa Chica

Dick Yamasaki and his wife, Karen Yamasaki, of Chicago, along with their friends, Eunice Morieta, and Shiz Morieta, of Fountain Valley, look for birds in the Bolsa Chica Wetlands on Friday. The couples were practicing their birding skills for an upcoming bird watching tour in Ecuador.


PHOTOS: Beckman High Signing Day

Student athletes sign letters of intent at Beckman High School in Irvine.

PHOTO: Lifesaver

Brian Cizek, manager of the Surf City store on the Huntington Beach Pier on Monday. Cizek helped rescue a jumper from the pier Sunday evening.

Brian Cizek, manager of the Surf City store on the Huntington Beach Pier on Monday. Cizek helped rescue a jumper from the pier Sunday evening.

Brian Cizek came to the aide of a man who jumped off the Huntington Beach Pier Sunday night. Cizek manages the Surf City store on the pier and threw a lifeguard ring down to the man after he jumped. The guy clung to the ring and was eventually helped by lifeguards.

PHOTOS: West County Connectors

The West County Connectors Project – new HOV connectors between the San Gabriel (I-605), the San Diego (405) and the Garden Grove (SR-22) Freeways on are opening soon.