High (and dirty) Surf in Seal Beach, California

Every surfer knows you should stay out of the water for 72 hours after it rains.
Bacteria has washed into the ocean, trash and big tree branches are floating around and, overall, it’s just a mess. But when the waves show – some surfers just can’t help themselves.
Big surf on Tuesday brought waves up to 10 foot in Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. Surfers ignored warnings and paddled out into frothy, foamy, slamming surf, catching some epic rides but also taking some serious spills. Seal Beach Marine Safety Officer Nick Bolin said about 100 surfers paddled out on the south side of the pier, an area known for its pounding shorebreak.
The expert-only spot brought out some big names, including World Tour surfers Kanoa Igarashi and Jordy Smith, to take on the barreling surf.