This blog is a daily look at the work of photojournalist Jeff Gritchen.

Jeff uses still images, audio and video to document Southern California – everything from the Long Beach’s Cambodian community to prep sports to gang ridden neighborhoods to the annual running of the Long Beach Grand Prix (and, a few NBA Championships and a World Series in between).

The propose of this site is not to showcase a few good images, but rather the daily work of photojournalism in Southern California.

Jeff has been covering Southern California since 1989, most of those years in the diverse city of Long Beach, and its surrounding communities.

Jeff started working as a Disaster Public Affairs Photographer for the American Red Cross in 1989, he then moved to Orange County to become a community photographer at the Orange County Register in 1994 where he covered the cities of Irvine, Tustin, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

In 1997 Jeff started working as a photojournalist for the Long Beach Press-Telegram. Some of his highlights at the paper include; covering the destruction of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, traveling to Southeast Asia to document a rural Cambodian girl as she traveled to the U.S. for life-altering heart surgery (link), going to Denver to cover Barack Obama and the Democratic National Convention and documenting Space Shuttle Endeavour’s two day trip through the streets of Los Angeles.

In 2011 the Press-Telegram’s photo staff was merged with the Daily Breeze and Jeff started covering the entire South Bay.

Jeff left the Press-Telegram in 2013 to serve as the Chief Photographer of the Long Beach Register, a brand new daily newspaper covering Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos and Artesia.

Eight months later the Long Beach Register was cut to a weekly paper and Jeff moved north to help with the brand new Los Angeles Register.

In late 2014 the Los Angeles Register was shuttered and Jeff was sent back where he was 20 years earlier – Orange County.

Jeff Gritchen served on the board of the National Press Photographers Association from 1999 to 2005. He attended California State University, Fullerton, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an emphasis on photojournalism.

I started this visual journal eight years ago when I was covering Long Beach for the once-great Press-Telegram.

My coverage migrated to the previously-daily Long Beach Register, then on to the formerly-published Los Angeles Register.

Now I’ve moved south to the Orange County Register, with occasional stops in Long Beach.
To that end, I’m changing the name of this blog to better reflect its content.

Welcome to the new “SoCal Seen”Please visit my full site at socalseen.com




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